• Doug's middle name was Craig. (He was named after Larry's childhood friend Phil Craig.)

    climbing a bitty crag in TX.  Photo by Bet Zimmerman
    Doug checks out some rock in Texas (during a break from a bluebird conference in 2006.)

    Craig is from a Scottish surname. It was derived from Gaelic creag meaning "crag" or "rocks. It's origin is probalby from a Celtic source around 1300, akin to O.Ir. crec "rock," carrac "cliff" and Manx "creg."

    In English, the word "crag" means " a steep rugged mass of rock projecting upward or outward.

    Doug himself was a steep rugged mass of muscle.

    Doug studied geology, and graduated with a degree in Environmental Earth Science from Eastern CT State University.

    He also loved to climb rock. He was constantly on the lookout for crags to explore. This resulted in many desperate day hikes involving considerable bushwhacking.

    When we were boating along the CT River one sunny day, a slab caught his eye. Our friend Richie said you would have thought he was looking at a beautiful woman. Doug dragged his climbing buddies out to that slab on several occasions.

    Many people called Z,, Doug Z, Dr. Z or the ZMan.

  • Doug's dad, Larry, said that Cragman was Craigman, but the "I" is gone now. Or, as they say, gone but not forgotten.



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