A weekend with doug
Wayword Boys Weekend
About a decade ago, Doug and I participated in a group pilgrimage to the Hiser's in NH. This was before I got a camera, so I had to make do with commemorative cartoons that we drew and annotated together. After Doug died, Stu found the pictures tucked in his high school yearbook. Freakily, he found it shortly after they got together once more to mourn Doug and play a round of golf in his honor (using his antique four wood on every hole for the fourth (absent) player.
Drinking I can't remember why we got there late, but apparently there was some imbibation going on the vehicle on the trip up. Of course we traveled in Doug's old rustbucket jalopy, the SkyHaw. (It used to be a SkyHawk but the K fell off)
next The Hiser's had a Devil Cat that attacked everyone. Later, they brought it to the vet to be put down. The vet said "But it's a perfectly good cat!" They said "Fine, you take it." The vet put it down a week later.
Tent The Boyz got a little tipsy and experienced technical difficulties erecting the tent.
Ronnie Ronnie jumping up and down on an abandoned car in the woods. It seemed like a good idea at the time.
Fire Good

Late in the evening, Ronnie decided a bonfire would be good. He dragged over some highly flammable leftover Christmas trees, and almost burnt the house down. Wife Pat was not amused. Barb, on the other hand, kept suggesting adding fuel on the fire.

Meanwhile Doug played on Hiser daughter''s pogo stick. After bouncing into a big crater, he broke it.


Drunken Doug was less than tactful about a big zit on Barb's forehead.

Doug was known as the World's Best Drunk. In fact, our neighbor made a hobby out of getting him plastered (which didn't take a whole lot of effort, since Doug was not a big guy and had no Off button.)

With each drink, the volume would crank up, requiring periodic reminders to "Use your inside voice Doug."

Drinking Doug would progress through some very predictable stages: Happy -> Blathering ->Sappy/Sentimental -> Slurry -> Paranoid [an optional phase] -> Nonverbal -> Unconscious..

There was never a dull moment with Doug. He was fun-fun-fun.

We miss him so.

The Boyz

The Boyz and the Four Wood. They are wearing Doug's ties. Not sure what the watermelon is for.

See Doug's high school yearbook picture.


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