A coincidence is defined as a chance occurrence of events, remarkable either for being simultaneous or for apparently being connected.

It is human nature to look for connections and seek to make sense out of senseless things. We search for meaning and signs.

Since Doug died, people have had some eerie coincidences. I've had a few of my own. When it happens, it is like being "touched."

For example:

  • Lisa and the lake
  • Hand in clouds
  • KD loves music. She watched the "Singing in the Rain" video of Doug dancing. Then she got in the car, and guess what was playing on the radio?
  • BD was planning his eulogy for Doug's service. He wanted to talk about the fluffy bunny game Doug was infamous for. So he decided to pick up some marshmallows. He stopped into Wal-Mart, and there, behind the Greeter, was a gigantic display of - you guessed it - marshmallows.
  • JC was standing next to a big maple tree in his yard. The kids had named the tree (Jerry) and their swings hung from it. When JC got the call on June 8th about Doug's sudden death, he fell to his knees. A week or two later, every leaf on the tree turned brown and died. (Note: The tree never bore leaves again - three years later, it is completely dead.)
  • I bought a digital picture frame. It has a shuffle feature that randomizes the appearance of pictures. I was on my way out to dinner with Doug's climbing buddies and a series of climbing pictures appeared.
  • Doug loved cartoons. As a joke, a friend gave us a White Trash type wooden lawn ornament shaped like Tweety Bird. It had wings that flew around in circles when it got windy. The wings were always breaking and falling off. Doug repaired it multiple times (after I threw it in the trash multiple times.) DB had stopped by the house and asked if there was something I needed help with. I noticed Tweety was looking droopy, and asked if DB could fix it, as he is great at woodworking. At the climbing buddy dinner, DB returned Tweety, good as new. As soon as I got home, I stuck it in the ground. Then I walked into the house, and saw this picture on the display.





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